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In my experience, when entrepreneurs think about doing their social media, they get overwhelmed. They do not know where to start or why to start. I have written a simple set of principles o help a heart-centered entrepreneur gain some clarity. All they have to do is remember the acronym: S.O.C.I.A.L. M.E.D.I.A.


S- Social – Remember always to stay social. It seems silly to write this, but many people think the “S” stands for instant sales. (More on this later.) A business’ social media should be an extension of you and your company’s personality.


O- Organized – Social Media tools can be great, but they can only help when your content and time are organized. Create themes the days you plan to post, block off a realistic time in your schedule research, write, and schedule content.


C – Consistent – Social Media can work beautifully and attract your target market when you consistently engage. This does not mean it has to be daily, but it does mean that you will regularly set aside 15 minutes at least three to four days to engage online with your target market.


I – Identify – Identify where your target market hangs out on social media. Don’t assume that if you like Facebook only, they do too. Talk to current clients and ask them what two social media platforms are their favorites. If they do say Facebook, ask them how they like to engage on Facebook. Is it on their personal timeline, groups, or business pages?


A – Abundance – Abundance in the world of social media, it means wearing a new pair of glasses. It means to ask yourself to see where you are having abundant results in your communication and engagement. It’s also realizing that my idea of an abundant response maybe different than yours. Only compare your own social media growth against your own.


L – Lists – Each day before you get on your social media, write a list of what you need to complete to stay focused. Social media is part of your work day, so when you are unfocused on it, it costs your company money. If you are intentional about what you are trying to accomplish, you will see results.


M – Messaging – Remember suggestion number one, be social more. No one wants a constant sales promotion. Your target markets want you to be a resource that they can call on when needed. A great place to start your content writing is answering your company’s most frequently asked questions.


E – Engagement – Many times people believe that engagement is making sure they are always posting something. That is not true, join groups that have your target market in them and respond and talk to them naturally when they ask questions. Alternatively, answer questions when friend’s ask questions on their personal social media. People will naturally gravitate to do business with individuals who are engaging and helpful.


D – Danger Zones – Stay away from the negative danger zones on social media. It is easy to get caught up in the world’s negativity, but remember that you do not want to write anything anywhere that you would not be comfortable having parents, grandparents, and children seeing. Also, don’t get into groups that don’t match you and your values, because it is a good “business” group based on someone else’s recommendation. You know your values stick to them always online.


I – Identity – Sometimes people get so worried about what they are sharing on their personal accounts publicly, they unintentionally make it hard to find their business accounts. If you are an entrepreneur and have a separation between business and personal social media accounts, ensure that you have your business links on your personal profiles and set to public. This will encourage them to click on them and find out more about your business.


A – Ads – Many business owners are finding out the harsh realities that their business pages are hidden unless they run ads. (This is not only on Facebook.) So, set aside a budget to run ads. Not only do ads work, but you can also easily measure your success based on the ads response. Most importantly, if you do not think your ads have not worked in the past, hire an expert to either teach or do your ads for you.


If you have any questions for Wendy Manganaro, about any of these suggestions, please leave them in the comment section or contact her on her Facebook page.

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