The Top 10 Ways to Break the Rules of FB Marketing

top 10Ways to Break The rules of facebook Marketing

It is my favorite time of year, where we kiss goodbye last year and say hello to the New Year. Some of you are maybe thinking; It is over and here’s all the things I am going to do things differently next year. I will not say they are resolutions because we all know many of our resolutions cannot find their way past January 31st. Entrepreneurs are no exception to pronouncing “How things are going to be different next year.”


In the past, during this time of year, whenever someone has heard I am a social media marketing person, they bristle up and say, “This year, I am going to be more consistent in my Facebook Marketing.” They will follow-up the statement that I went to this e-course or webinar, and now they just have to find time this year to implement it. It is like a perverse guilt that they just remembered, they are supposed to be loyal to the social media expert that doesn’t even know who they are. So, before you go through unnecessary guilt, I wanted to share with you the Top 10 Ways to Stand Out and Break the Facebook Marketing Rules.


  1. Stop listening to the experts. – This one seems funny, since, a social media marketer is writing this article. The reality is that unless your social media “expert” is getting to know who you and your company is on a personal level, they are just giving you top-level social media advice. This advice is the same one hundreds are getting in the same and different fields from you. Nothing is unique for you and your company, and at the end of the day, just because something worked for your competitors, it does not mean it will work for who you and your business are.


  1. Facebook pages are not for everyone. – What? Blasphemy, I know. Imagine a social media expert saying, maybe don’t go the business page route. Well, that is what I am saying. Not that Facebook business pages do have certain advantages, such as being able to create an ad and look at your pages marketing insights. Here’s the truth, if you are not going to run ads, and never look at your insights, why are you going the Facebook Business Page route? Maybe, your company would be open to a group, if you are a mompreneur, perhaps your personal timeline is the best place to write about your business. In 2017, be open to the possibilities that there is more than one way to get your name in your target market’s timelines.


  1. It’s not all about the content. – Shocking I know, I think I have even written blog posts that say content is king, and at the time, that information was correct. Now the trend is that content for the sake of content is noise. So, instead of worrying about the mass amount of content you have to put out, try finding one to three groups to get actively involved with. Answer people’s questions by genuinely wanting to help them. If you think others are asking the same issues, then those are great things to turn into content.


  1. The only way to do well on FB is by buying ads. – Trying to get you make buying ads necessary is what Facebook and the gurus want you to think. No Facebook ads are required if you are talking about your business on your personal timeline and Facebook Group.


  1. Create a group; everyone is doing it. – I know, I know, I practically said ditch your Facebook page to start a group, but don’t start a group unless you have a reason. All these groups out there, how many are you joining and the last post was 2005? Make sure if you create a group, it is part of your overall marketing strategy and it is something that makes sense in your business model.


  1. FB Live is not for everyone. – Facebook Live is one of the best inventions of Facebook. Saying this, leave the notion that if others do not watch you in real-time your video is not successful. As with everything else, it takes planning and advertising. The great thing about Facebook live is that you can do it from your personal page, group, or business page.


  1. Boosted posts are easy. – I cannot tell you how many times, I hear, “I boosted a post.” When I ask, “How did you do?” The person does not know. So, in short, boosting a post is easy, because Facebook is not going to turn down your money. The hard part is you tracking whether or not the boosted posts marketing funnel.


  1. You have to pay someone else to do your FB marketing. – Don’t pay someone to do it for you, unless you have the time to collaborate on content, posting, and ads. Many times entrepreneurs hire someone because they do not have a chance to do it themselves. That is great if you are at that point, but if that is the case, for that relationship to work, you want to make sure you are working with them consistently fully understand you and your company’s voice. Otherwise, your business is just posting and becoming part of the noise.


  1. Create Events – Events can be useful, but unless you are going to sit and invite everyone’s friend’s list, you would be just as successful writing up a post and sending out your invite that way. Realize most Facebook invites work well as a Save the Date only. I would still stick to a system like Evites to invite others to your event too.


  1. Run gimmicks for traffic.– I do not know about you, but Facebook ads rarely catch my eye anymore. I think it is because most of it has moved to some gimmick. I just read about a friend leaving groups because she did not need 15,000 friends who only try to sell to her. A small group of people who honestly want to help others will always result in more sales because their motives are not the hard sale. Find the groups that are well monitored and promotes helping not selling, and you will find much more success based on who you are.


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