‘Twas the Night before Year End Marketing…

Indulge my end of the year glee for just a moment, when I sat down on a whim the other day and thought, wouldn’t it be fun to write a marketing version to the Christmas classic ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Listen below to hear ‘Twas the Night before Year End Marketing.

So, as I read it out loud to friends, the made the suggestion, that it would be much more fun if I read it out loud in the story fashion, so I went over last night and sat in my beautiful co-working space, Yes Working at 965 Baxter. I set up next to the fireplace and that is where the story begins.

(I do have the story to read if you don’t want to watch the entire video below.) Also, below is my end of year offer that goes with this video.

‘Twas the Night Before Year End…

If you don’t want to be left in the cold, I encourage you to contact me via my website or schedule a clarity called for January. I am only doing five, so please be the first one to schedule one.

If at the end of the clarity call, you are interested in how I can help you in the areas of digital marketing strategy, content planning, or content writing, or coaching you through these areas, I am going to give you the ability to name your own price for the service. That’s right! The clarity call is FREE and if you want to work with me, no reasonable offer will be put down. What have you to lose to set your digital marketing on the right track in the New Year? Make an appointment today.

If you didn’t feel like watching the video… hear is the full poem:

It’s a few days before Christmas and all through your company’s house,

not a digital creature was stirring not even your computer mouse.

Your social media was scheduled with care;

In hopes that your year-end sales would be there.

media was scheduled with care;

In hopes that your year-end sales would be there.

Snapchat had photos of your employees all snug in their beds;

While visions of dollar signs danced in their heads.

The Entrepreneur in their cap,

Had just settled down for an end of year nap.

When a text came in that arose such a clatter,
the Digital Marketing was not working so the entrepreneur had to see what was the matter.

To the computer they rose in a flash;

Checked into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see where was the crash.

Link clicks to buy was less than they thought, they wanted to know;

Why their company sales fell so low?

When what to your wondering eyes should appear,

The realization of the lack of a strategy; and a message that wasn’t clear.

With an idea in place, questions were asked quick.

And at that moment, a plan was devised to raise the click.

More rapid than a snap, the ideas came,

Target market answers created the clarity to create fame.

Now, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest,

Snapchat, and Ask.FM had some interest.

To sales that are earned through a sales funnel wall,

And writing engaging content to attract the target market that means the most to us all.

As others look and wonder why they don’t fly;

You’ll have the answers to soar your sales to the sky.

With new knowledge the content flew;

And the sales consistently went up too.

Engagement numbers rose through the roof;

And the number of comments and shares was the proof.

The content calendar that came around;

Started on Mondays with how a personal lesson was found.

Tuesdays told about how a new client came a foot

And how the company answers were well put.

Wednesdays told a how-to that was not out of the book,

or gobblygook.

Thursday’s tip were merry;

And made customer’s lives less hairy.

Fridays came with an offer in a bow;

And the response was not slow.

Saturdays found testimonials that made people smile

And potential customers knew hiring your company would not cramp their style.

Sundays were fun days to post things that would have your fan’s belly

Shaking with laughter like a bowl full of jelly.

How do I have time to do it all myself?

Hire a Christmas Marketing Elf.

With a nod of their head

Clients like you knew they had nothing to dread.

They’ll speak not a word, and go straight to work,

And create that strategy so you get the perk.

It will feel like Christmas magic will rise

With your Christmas Marketing Elf by your side.

They’ll spring to your rescue and with a whistle

You’ll know you hired the right team and never have to worry about a dismissal.

Your customers will cheer because your Marketing Elf will be out of sight,

And you can sleep well with revenue growth into the night.

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