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I often suggest finding out if a business should be on Twitter which can bring on an array of reactions. I will get reactions such as people cringing, head shakes, rolled eyes, to I love it and will only use Twitter. The latter use it, because they are pare of the population that can’t stand Facebook. It amazes me that women in particular have such a strong reaction one way or the other to Twitter. So, why is that, and does it really matter to you in your business?

Twitter is known to be a fast-paced social media site with crazy things like hashtags, funny looking shortened links, and spammy direct messages. What people miss is if used correctly, it can be a strong driver of new and return traffic to your website or blog. It also can be highly track-able traffic when one of those funny looking shortened links are used.

Don’t get too excited about extra traffic to your business yet! We still haven’t determined if Twitter is right for you. The only way to know if Twitter or for that matter any social platform is asking a sample of past, present, and future clients if they are on Twitter. I would also ask themĀ  if they are on Twitter, how do they utilize it?

You may find that your clientele feel the same way as you when it comes to Twitter. They may roll their eyes, shake their head, or they may say they love it and would love to follow you. My recommendation would be if at least 50% of your present or possible clientele is on it, put it into your social marketing plan.

If you have any thoughts, want to do some head shaking, eye rolling, or ask do I really have to use Twitter? Feel free to comment below and get it out. In the meantime, if you need help coming up with a client questionnaire or Twitter content, contact me at


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