5 Secrets- How To Use Facebook Ads To Create A Successful Business (5)

Are you an entrepreneur who is sick and tired of wasting money on boosted posts with little to no tangible results? Or are you sick and tired of paying marketing companies to run your Facebook page and “creating” ads with no or little tangible results? As a result, have you abandoned your Facebook Business Page as a useless tool for your business?

Take a second to imagine if you spent money on Facebook Ads that brought you the following results:

  • Page likes that match your target market.
  • Page engagement from people who are interested in your posts.
  • Website clicks from people who want to buy and engage with your business.
  • A fan base that buys from you

Would you think it’s too good to be true? It’s not! As a social media manager, you would think I have it easy and I haven’t paid my dues learning some hard lessons about what to and what not to do on Facebook Ads.

When I started my journey into the Facebook Ad abyss over 7 years ago, I would literally break into a cold sweat trying to figure out what worked and didn’t work for my clients. Nothing was worse than walking into a client meeting to have them look at me and say I got no leads from your Facebook ads. My self-esteem felt like it plummeted a little more each time I heard that. I wanted desperately to prove myself to my clients, so I didn’t give up until I found a formula that worked. I started to experiment on my own Facebook page with my own funds just so I could not feel like a fraud.

After many false starts, lost clients, I found the solution to Facebook ads that works and now have helped many clients connect with their dream target market. Part of the way, I did this was I spent hours of research time speaking to hundreds of people in person, through emails, and surveys to figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle to Facebook ads. Now, what used to be a nightmare for me, can quickly help entrepreneurs run ads to all of my client’s ideal target market that convert.

So, if you want to take advantage of my free knowledge, I’m offering a one time free webinar to teach you the secrets to going from Facebook Ads that don’t work to Facebook Ads that convert.

You will learn:

  1. How to find your target market on Facebook.
  2. How to write an ad that converts.
  3. How to pick graphics that attracts your ideal target market to your ad.
  4. What days and times your target market is online.
  5. How much you need to spend on target market that converts.

This webinar is for female entrepreneurs who have owned their small business less than 3 years and are ready to bring their business to the next level so that they can start making their ideal income. It’s for the tech-savvy entrepreneur who has everything they need to do their own social media, but is missing how to create a Facebook presence that is strategized and targeted. The entrepreneur who doesn’t have a lot of time, but can follow a simple how-to have an abundant and active social media presence. A social media presence that allows them to do what they love while their running ads that convert without thinking about them.

During this hour long webinar, you will get the following take-aways:

  1. Where Facebook hides your Audience Insights.
  2. An easy to follow format to write an ad.
  3. Two easy to use websites to create graphics that pop.
  4. How many days of week and how many hours a week to run ads.
  5. Your ad budget formula.

As a bonus, 20 participants will receive a free 45 minute 1:1 Social Media strategy call within two weeks of the webinar. All participants will receive my 5 Days to a Social Media Strategy e-book.

The best part of this all of what I’m giving away, it’s saving you $500! That’s right, between the training and strategy call, it’s saving you $500 to use on your Facebook ads. How many months of successful ads could you run with that $500? Find out on the webinar.

Still don’t think this FREE webinar isn’t for you? Think about one of my favorite quotes before you pass this up: You will miss all the chances you don’t take!

Seriously, if you are afraid to sign up and not be on the call due to a scheduling conflict, don’t worry. Whether you can make it or not, you can watch the replay when it’s sent out in 24 hours.

Anyone who signs up before 8/1/17 will get an additional bonus. You will get a link within 24 hours to set-up for a bonus 1 hour and thirty minute free strategy session, before I open up the rest of my time slots to those who register late.

So, what do you get just for signing up?

  • One-Hour Free Webinar to reach your target market via Facebook ads.
  • Either a 45 minute or hour and half free social media strategy session with me.
  • And my e-book, 5 Days to a Social Media Strategy.

All you have to do is click the button below to signup…

PS – Still afraid this is not for you, do me a favor and send me an email so I can answer all of your concerns to wendy@socialabundancemarketing.com.