When is it Time to Hire a Marketing Firm to do your Company’s Marketing?

In 2009 I was being hired to create social media content, post it, and run Facebook ads. These clients weren’t interested in doing their social media “in-house” because that meant learning a new skill set. They didn’t have the time or the inclination to do that. At that time I had another group of clients who were hiring me to teach them how to do social media themselves. I wouldn’t have called myself a coach back then, but I was a social media teacher at a time when not a lot of people understood the inner workings and constant changes to social media platforms. These clients weren’t ready to hire someone to take care of their content full-time, but they understood that establishing their place on social media sooner rather than later would be important to their growth.

Today, you can Google how to use each platform and can find more information than you’ll ever have time to read. Does it make sense to hire someone to train you on digital marketing, coach you on how to create a marketing plan, or hire someone to implement your marketing strategy? Or should you hire someone to handle your social media as an in-house employee? You have lots of options. How do you decide? 

Question #1:  Are you trying to figure out marketing?

If you’re a solopreneur and you don’t have a well-defined marketing plan the chances are good that you’re struggling with consistency, are trying random things hoping something sticks, or are signing up for webinars and online courses hoping to find something to help you figure out how to market your business and services. A marketing coach is the solution you’ve been searching for! With a marketing coach, you’ll be guided to create a plan and build processes for growth. They’ll help guide you to create a brand that provides cohesion to your content and that will lay the foundation so that if you want to hire someone to do your social media for you, you can provide them with the tools and information to build on the foundation you’ve laid.

Question #2:  Are you considering hiring an in-house social media person?

You are a solopreneur or small business owner and you can afford to hire an employee, you may be lost about who to hire. Do you need a virtual assistant? An online business manager? A social media manager?  Do you need someone to create content? A graphic designer? An email expert? A web designer? A digital strategist? The truth is that you probably need most of those but you don’t need them full-time. That’s where a digital agency will become your best friend. A digital agency will save you money by providing the services you need without the overhead costs of hiring employees.

I know this is true because one of my clients, a medical company with five offices hired my company to create a marketing strategy, provide project management and implement their plan for all of their offices. We were able to put individuals with exceptional skills on each task that was required and exceed their expectations. They got more service and paid less than they paid a full-time marketing employee who didn’t have a full range of skills.

Question #3:  Do you run a business that can support a marketing team?

Once your business has experienced enough growth to create its own marketing team, then it’s time to hire employees to handle all your IT and marketing needs. You may need a web developer, an SEO specialist, a social media copywriter, a graphic designer, a blog writer,  and a digital strategist to oversee your marketing efforts. A team will be able to create multi-phase plans and oversee large-scale marketing campaigns.

By asking the right questions, you can figure out which solution will best solve your problem. If you’re not sure how to proceed, let’s schedule a clarity call this week! 

Do you have a marketing plan in place? Is it performing the way you need it to?

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