Want to work with me to move your social media into a full status? Here’s how…

You believe that if you are authentic about who you are, and you have the correct strategy on social media, you will be able to attract the right tribe to your product or services intentionally. You also know that being coached helps you stay accountable and is the best way for yourself to go from Point A to Point B. What can I do as a coach to help your social media become abundant?

Learn who your target market is and what social media sites they want to connect with you on.

Help with social media time management solutions so you are not chained down to your social media advertising.

Write content that is engaging to your audience.

Find out what is working for your competitors socially and what is not.

Learn how to read and test your social media analytics.

Help you connect your social media marketing to all your other marketing efforts so you see the results of a complete campaign.

Create qualified candidates on your email list.

Create social media ads on the platforms your companies are on such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Digital Marketing: Strategy and Project Management


Advertising with Facebook Ads

Strategic Clarity Sessions

“Our team was in need of some help familiarizing ourselves and our church members with social media platforms and determining what might be useful to engage young adults. Wendy came in and helped us set goals, share knowledge and prepare us to work on the branding work necessary. She was so enthusiastic, organized and knowledgeable that we were able to feed off her energy and come out of our 4-hour intensive equipped to launch a social media strategy for our church.”
Nancy Palmquist
Wall United Methodist Church

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